Ho-Tech InsulationInsulation’s Gone Hi-Tech. Seriously.

It used to be that insulation simply meant big rolls of fiberglass batts. Well, times have changed. Alpine Insulation is on the leading edge of insulation technology offering options including closed-cell urethane foam, wall-spray cellulose, Fiberglass Blown in Insulation System, and fiberglass batts. Which one’s the best for your project? Well, that depends. There’s plenty to consider when weighing insulation options:

R-Values: A laboratory measurement of conduction (the transfer of heat through a solid material)
Sound Control: How much sound the material dampens
Convection: The transfer of heat by moving air
Radiation: The transfer of heat in the form of electromagnetic waves
Fire Resistance: How well a material stands up in case of fire
Air Infiltration and Intrusion Control: How much air can pass through the material
Moisture Control: How much moisture a material holds increasing the possibility of mold
Environmental Considerations: How good the material is for the planet
Energy Savings: How much money a material can save on energy bills

Click on the following links for some simple overviews of the choices. Even better, call Alpine and let one of our insulation experts help you in person.


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